This website is inspired by the great need to promote a greater understanding of how God provided a plan for the management of wealth and land in the bible. Initially given to the Israelites, like all biblical law the Christian church inherits this teaching and can and should look to this teaching for guidance on organising one of the most important aspects of any society, namely the management of wealth for the good of all.

The church has largely neglected this kind of social and economic teaching in the last few hundred years preferring instead to focus on personal salvation. Without a clear social and economic teaching a personal Gospel runs the risk of atomizing Christians and Christian family. Personal salvation, through Christ, is the corner stone of all Christian life but it is the responsibility of the Church to build upon this stone with social and economic teachings that echo this Gospel of mercy.

The world is in great need of clear leadership from the Church in the field of economics. Since the collapse of communism the West has promoted a form of predatory capitalism that commoditizes every aspect of society and reduces members of society to competitors in a game of life. The stakes of this game of life are success, wealth, status, and the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of life such as family. Alternatively, failure, hardship, impoverishment and decreasing opportunities for family and other fulfilling aspects of life.

In conclusion much of this writing has been inspired by the writing of Dr Michael Hudson and in particular his book.