Christians, Don’t Feel Guilty About Your Financial Situation

I have in recent years seen Christian marriages fail for what I felt were financial reasons. The pressures just became too much and people who I had considered to be stronger Christians than me divorced. I have also seen many younger Christians delaying almost indefinitely committing to marriage because of their financial situations. And this was before COVID.

I think the church has really been behind the curve when it comes to finance. I once tried talk to a priest about my financial problems as I felt they were crushing me and he simply started laughing. It is as if many Christians believe that if you pray and go to Church you will not have financial problems. This is totally and utterly wrong.

Many of the problems that you may encounter in marriage may well really be rooted in a challenging financial situation. It is difficult to sit down and relax at home with the family in the evening when you know deep down that your salary just isn’t going to be enough to pay the bills. This can lead to drinking, neglect, arguments, violence and many many more problems. Many people have spent the last few years blaming themselves or their partners when the issues are deeper and societal.

The fact is that the financial system in the West went into meltdown after 2008 and most people in Western society seemed to be completely oblivious to this.

Now COVID has added a whole new level of stress to what was an already very stressful financial situation.

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It is God’s financial plan that is for the benefit of all not just the few.